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5 Reasons Not to Play Blade And Soul

1. Soft Targeting will make you feel more of a life failure than you already are.


2. The West version has been INTERLY dumbed down. If the launch to west has been delayed for 10 years in a F YOU style, the version you just paid 25 bucks to get in early a handicapped retarded brother version. (One example, in the original first story cut scene, you walk up stairs as dead people lay all around. In the new version they replaced the people models with CATS AND DOGS as if that is better? and yet, your first quest is to remove dead bodies from a beach: DERP. Most people won't notice if you never played original, but your BRAIN should notice.


3. Ugly models. The artist is the artist that worked on a famous manga that uses the SAME art style that leaves "Stretch Arm strong" like models for all. Women have odd non human legs, boobs all banana, not really sexy and children with no nipples.


4. Skills and combat are nice to see, but you are hand held insanely. You can not fire off any attack when you want (like in TERA,e tC.) you need to be targeting an enemy. So you feel not just hand held through fights and role palying, but super boxed in and led by the nose.


5. P2W. It is not evident, but it is there (and not in all aspects) from lock boxes to repair hammers etc. Like those cheap Chinese 2D games, you can sign in and do other gimmicks to get one or two, but seriousness will require credit cards.


What are your reasons?


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