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The Perspective of a Level 45 Blade & Soul Player

I love this game. I played pretty much nonstop all weekend, but there are a few things which continue to break my heart. I'll write the below from the perspective of a level 45 BNS player with 20 years of MMO experience.


1. Soul Shield management should be separate from the inventory, and I believe its bugged because shards from the SAME equipped soul shield set appear in different rows (without duplicates!), cluttering the interface. Let me clarify: row 1 has nothing in column 1, the equipped shield slices in row 2-7, and nothing in column 8. row 2 has slice 1 and slice 8 of the same EQUIPPED shield with no duplicate pieces. Sometimes this appears in 3 rows.... (regardless of whether or not they are bound). Would be great if slices STACKED and all appeared in the same row.


2. Premium paying members should not have to use keys to access drops from a dungeon. Using a key that costs 1-5 dollars, then using charm to open it before you can view its stats is borderline offensive when you're paying a subscription.


3. PVP merchants sell gear that is complete garbage compared to the starting Hongmoon gear upgraded, which brings me to:


4. Hongmoon set. Why reward gear at all for quest rewards or from monster drops to the player if it's only purpose is to feed into a weapon you got at the beginning of the game? For players coming from other MMOs, this is a confounding and strange setup. Why not have all monsters simply drop "XP Accessory Stones" and "XP Weapon Stones" instead of green and blue weapon fodder. For skins? Just drop SKINS then and make it fun and something to collect! If the Hongmoon set is indeed intended to be your only weapon, then the game REALLY NEEDS to explain that, because it is not clear at all and there's been a ton of confusion and misinformation.


5. Terminology used in this game is INCONSISTENT across the board for some incredibly important concepts, such as upgrading your weapon. In tooltips and descriptions this is referred to as Advancing and Evolving and Fusion. PICK A TERM. 


6. Descriptions of skills are often not entirely broken down exactly by the numbers, which I would appreciate - like EXACT damage and defense/mitigation/regen.


7. Soul shields: I would like to look at the TOTAL STATS provided by the slotted Soul Shield I have equipped, instead of having to look at my character sheet. I should be able to hover over my entire shield and see a SINGLE window pop up with all of the stats and bonuses rewarded from the equipped pieces, instead of hovering over each piece and trying to do the math in my head.


8. The sub-faction warfare is ... strange. You join a MAIN PVP faction, but then are almost immediately sided through the story with Bamboo, and then given the option to join the Blackram, who you just finished destroying... This concept is repeated later for regions, and goes against the story.... seems odd to me. Why not just leave it at the two main factions? There is little to no explanation to the player what this entails or is about, you just get a costume that gives you the ability to "become hostile".


9. The rolling/bidding for gear interface is strange. Makes people wait, get in fights and arguments, and is completely distracting in the dungeons.


10. Purchased Costumes arent BOA?


11. Weapons are destroyed when used as a skin and not stored in the wardrobe?


12. More clarification is required on how and where you find items required for breakthrough. IF you hover over the breakthrough arrow BEFORE reaching it, it shows you the items required - but not location. Once you REACH breakthrough, you can hover over the empty slot and THEN it tells you where, sort of.


The game is amazing. I'm really enjoying it.


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