4 Tips to Level Up More Efficient in Blad & Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/04/16 23:50:58 Views: 1053

blade and soul leveling


For all mmo games players, leveling up is a truly aim that everyone wants to get.And it is no exception for Blade & Soul.Now we'd like to share several tips for all Blade & Soul players:


1.During Level 5-Level 10, you must finish all quests appeared. After you completing these quest, you may get some drop stones, they are useful in the wheel of fortune system. Just like tickets which help you start wheel of fortune system. The stones will provide a random item to you after you have spun the wheel. These items are very important sometimes. In addition, you need to repeat the quests so that you can get more stones. And then, you need to finishing side quests, after that, you may gain soul shields as rewards, which can help you get more strength and experience. 


2. The second tip, it is suggest that you spend some time to grind mobs when you reach level 10 to level 15 to get more experience. Especially, you can grind mobs with the Dragon Soup together to gain more experience. To grind easily, you can find a group to combat together.


3. Build right character is important. Usually, there are two important factors effect your level up: AOE damage that your class has, and the defensive strength of your class. Keep in mind, never expect to move ahead with a poorly equipment and low defensive strength. 


4. Use gems and accessories to strengthen your weapons, no matter which high level you have reached, you need to improve your damage ability. Personal advice, it is a slow process from Lv1 to Lv 10, after that, speed up fast at high level. When you reach Lv 45 or higher, you can control the game, and play with your style.


Have fun! And if you want some cheap Blade & Soul gold, then we may help you.