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  • Madden 18: Menus Are Silky Smooth And Modes Are Unique And Novel
    EA Sports sure made effort on sport games, with gameplay refinements, a nod to different types of players at the controls and fan service. Core gameplay is the foundation of this console generation's Madden. When it comes to this year's Madden 18, the biggest new wrinkle is the addition of target passing, this addition feels intuitive and is a much-needed one. Longshot is, in a big way, surprising. For the new mode story mode, the digestible story fits in an arc one could normally go get at a movie theatre without it feeling hamfisted. In an effort of getting more madden 18 coins?
  • Madden NFL 18 Gets Xbox Update
    Another game that wraps the maximum from the new Xbox One X console is the Madden NFL 18 and thanks to performance, the game will look incredibly well. The main technical pulls will be both 4K resolution and HDR illumination, and all will go on to the fabulous 60 FPS, so it's no wonder that the game experience, movies and touch down celebrations will be even better.
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