The most valuable advice to launch Escape from Tarkov!

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Escape From Tarkov community keeps growing, but the game isn't as easy to pick up as one might imagine. Escape From Tarkov community keeps growing, but the game isn't as easy to pick up as one might imagine.

The most valuable advice to launch Escape from Tarkov!


Player's Unknown Battlegrounds no longer has the same flavor as it once did, and ARMA's heyday is well over. But if you have already cut your teeth on the Fortnite and other Call of Duty of this world, there will surely come a time when you will need more. A more profound, more tenacious challenge. A more realistic and complex world. Gameplay that demands your full attention without ever letting you down. For the needs of those folks who long to feel the cold and brutality of a real battlefield, developer Battlestate Games has created Escape From Tarkov. An FPS realistic, brutal, and knows how to gradually attract more and more professional players and curious people who have discovered him on Twitch. But it is not as easy to dive into its universe and gameplay as other FPS on the market. So let us give you some valuable tips.




1. Start as a looter

Of course, you will immediately be tempted to take on the avatar of a soldier and join the BEAR or the USEC to go directly to the front. Still, in Escape From Tarkov, that's not exactly the best strategy. After all, to be a good soldier, you first need to get the right equipment. And for that, Scavenger mode raids (usually called Scavs) are still the best. In this mode, the AI ​​will only bother you if you mess with it, and you can relatively easily manage to dodge players to collect valuable resources. Then all you will need to do is survive in any respect charges to get them inside your next video games at a reduced price.

Preserve in mind that so long as you do not assault other surrounding scavs, they will leave you alone. However, if you shoot a scav of yourself… They will turn on you. The only exception is that you can kill a scav that attacked you first: if you kill it, no one will turn against you since you returned the change to it. Clever, isn't it?



2. Keep a card close to you

Since Escape From Tarkov tends towards realism, navigating the game map is not necessarily child's play. If you want to progress, you will have to familiarize yourself with your terrain by dint of space, and for that, walking around offline is more than practical... But it could also be in good taste to have a map displayed not far from you. On your phone, your tablet, a second screen, or even printed the old-fashioned way in front of your nose: a map will allow you to find your way around better and guide your allies effectively if you happen to be playing as a team.



3. Do your quests well

The basic principle of Escape From Tarkov pushes you to loot your equipment here and there as much as possible. You might even come face to face with pleasant surprises in the lot! But in reality, it is better to be smart about getting your material. To guarantee you good equipment, you must complete the game's quests. These will allow you to earn Tarkov items and unlock merchants who will make all the difference. So don't underestimate this system, and be sure to complete your missions as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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4. Make sure and keep your items secure

Your first games will surely guarantee you some broken hearts. Farewell to the submachine gun recovered at the cost of many efforts at the slightest death! To avoid this, don't forget to put insurance on your gear. If your equipment is insured, it will return directly to you if a different player has not picked it up at the end of a game. For this specific game mechanic, Prapor is not expensive but has less chance of getting your items back. The Toubab is more guaranteed but has a higher cost.

At the same time, remember to use your secure containers. These allow you to keep the object(s) you store there even if you die. This is especially great if you encounter an exciting loot in a game that doesn't seem to be in your favor.



5. Bring only what you need

You have understood it well: equipment management is central to the experience. Who says equipment management says what we bring, yes… but also what we leave behind. You can't start a game of Escape From Tarkov without thinking a little. Don't go crazy bringing your best gear in one hit to a game, or you risk losing everything and only having your eyes to cry on. Have a battle plan for each game, with the best equipment for it, and above all: don't forget to equip yourself well with healing items and assign them to your shortcuts to give yourself the best chance of survival.



6. Friends and enemies

One last important lesson: you don't necessarily have to shoot at all speeds in Escape From Tarkov, quite the contrary. Some players are pretty peaceful, and an unspoken rule exists in the community: move your ass. If the player opposite is moving quickly from left to right without trying to shoot you, he is trying to signal that he is peaceful and will not attempt to kill you. Finally, if all this is not a trap, of course… It is up to you to determine it. Also, please pay attention to the bosses that spawn here and there on the map: they are generally well equipped and well surrounded and could be too challenging for you. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, we have a piece of advice: RUNAWAY, POOR CRAZIES as fast as you can.