A Gide for Force Master in Hitting Level 45

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/05/16 23:50:15 Views: 1304


Force Master's traits:

Pros: High control, moderate damage, ranged attacks

Cons: Very low natural defense, requires attentive kiting to keep alive when targeted

Weapon: Chi Bracelet


In conclusion, Force Masters are ranged fighters and deal fire and ice damage from a distance.Their bangle around their wist allow them to cast.Then how to level up fast when you hit level 45 with Force Master? Here is a guide for you:


Daily Quests:

We all know the max number for daily quests you completer is 40 every day. I have ever been doing the big 4 + PoE and then some random dailies. Misty Woods daylies PvP and PVE are good 24x2 , 6x2(4x2) , Mushin Tower , 4 Blue Instances (Dokumo , Ogong , Twin Brothers , Pigs), Tomb of Exiles - If you still have some space do some PvP Arena for fun. In addition, there are not many quests rewarding horns and soulstones, so we should prioritize those. 



About materials, I will give a way to getting the materials just like soul stones. And there are so many people have this problem. I think the number of soulstones needed to upgrade accessories is ridiculous, and once so, their price may be unaffordable. The way i want to say craftable Transformation Stones can be completed once you learn Merry Pottery Secret Technique - Drop a lot from Bright stone ruins . The craft isn’t hard but it asks for a lot of time and its not worth it in my op. 



You may think crafting is useless, I suggest you can change you thoughts. Hongmoon is the default evolution path , I think you should continue with them . The only better accessorie is dropped by Blackwyrm and it is a ring .


Weapon and accessories:

I am using the Hangmoon stuff I got from questing. I think it the best. 


Good luck, hope my guide can help you hit your level 45 easily, and if you need some cheap blade and soul gold, clicking here may help you.