Albion Online & Final Game PVE: Its First Step

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/27/16 13:36:07 Views: 1195

Before the serverwipe in summer, Albion Online acquires its last big patch, additionally, the fraction "Morgana" is properly polished. For the next patch for the beta version of Albion Online, it will be available. With regard to this update, and it will bear the name "Darian" and, first of all, the faction "The disciples of Morgana". More wonderful video and latest Albion Online update, stay tuned UPAlbion



The opponents were easy to beat before, but now they have new spells and group constellations. Especially the disciples in the dungeons have learned some tricks and are the first step for challenging Finalgame PvE. Seweights are also happy to set up, there are some pieces in the style of the supporters of Morgana who can be drowned by the disciples. If you want, you can equip your own stock, or simply resell it.


In addition, for the "Darian" update, which should be the last patch before a "Wipe" in the summer as well as the data is reset. Followed by, the game starts in its second Betaphase. It can bring with a complete overhaul of the world. Due to the developers work to make the world even more unique. Don't forget to buy cheap albion online gold