Albion Online: Chicken Kiss Confronts WarLegend In Raven Rock

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/27/16 13:45:02 Views: 1247

Some Albion latest news revealed, more the latest news about the situation of Chicken Kiss and his rivals, at the same time, included news of the imminent disturbances at Fungal Marsh. Cheap gold for sale, the inclusion of cheap albion online gold for sale.



Chicken Kiss forged a name during the closed Beta, holding the place of a solid competitor in the West. However, sources directly linked to the guild confirm that intermittent battles have occurred during the past weeks. Kyljys, the Warlord of Chicken Kiss, gives us the first details of their most recent skirmish against their rivals.


"Our main rivals of the moment are WarLegend and Money Guild. We met several times in the open world, and this usually ended in a major battle. In the end, the battles were really entertaining each time and in each of the battles waged. 


"In general, sometimes you wins, but, sometimes you just lose." Kyljys said. In hope of maintaining control of crucial territories of the world, in particular, with regard to castles that are a boon to all guilds, financially speaking, for these large-scale battles have been cultivated. Many of players have been dedicated to buy albion online silver