An in depth PVP guide for Lyn Blade Dancers

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/02/16 23:13:15 Views: 1087


Want to know more about the deep guide for Lyn Blade Dancers? You're not alone!Many players want to get practical tips about it. Now the following players' suggestions may help you.


1.Outplay all of their massive cooldowns with Q/tab switch/c immune for their five point strike/SS/smoke bomb and ofc their insanely strong air combo which can't be countered unless you outplay the skill that gets you into the air combo. The video will most likely help you understand their skills n cooldowns a bit better.Watch some of video's in depth tutorials on sins v x class. He makes excellent videos and entertaining too.


2.FM need help fighting Blade Dancers.They would just keep spinning, grabbing, and air comboing until you know the FM's escapes are gone and then do the lightning buff ani-cancel thing to one shot them. Keep pressure up though and be aggressive enough to put them on the defensive, and they'll be more likely to use their escapes on dazes/knockdowns. If you just spin and don't pressure them, you'll most likely lose.


3.Grabbing seems to be a bad idea. It seems like every time you go for a grab, there is a stack of freeze on you. The FM does some kind of attack which basically knocks you down and stuns you. There goes your grab CD and most likely your Trinket.


Next, whatever spell that disables dashes for like 7 seconds is killer. As soon as those 7 seconds are up, you better bet that you're spamming your gap closers to get some damage in. Good FMs know this and use their ice blocks to counter your gap closers. Better FMs then know you'd be low on chi so they will put up that barrier that resists projectiles to counter your 1. The best FMs would then ensure you have an ice stack on you so they are able to instantly stun them if you attempt to grab them out of the barrier and throw them out.


Also, the Ice whirlwind attack that disables your spin is pretty scary for you as well. If your SS is down, you have to hope your V iframes are up so you can use them to dodge skills until your spin is up again.