Best areas to use FIFA 20 Face up Dribbling

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When U4GM FIFA 20 Coins introduced this area into our guides, for FIFA 20 it was incredible how many people emailed us to ask us what complete dribbling was! Hopefully, more of you will now know what this is. If you're still thinking of email, it's now probably more commonly known as face-up dribbling. This can be done by holding the L2&R2/LT & RT buttons on your default controller settings (for ours it is L2 & R1/LT & RB). Even though this took a while to get used to, after a dozen games or so, it became second nature and is something exceptionally useful in EVERY area of the pitch. So, if you're using our advanced settings, then bear this in mind. This faces up your opponent when dribbling, and if you continue to hold it down when dribbling it still allows a fair amount of movement, but we have a top tip coming up regarding this method of dribbling. There is one superb way of gaining an acceleration boost, although it has been downgraded hugely from FIFA 19 and other previous versions, it will still allow you to leave defenders for dead. See below in this section for an explanation of how to do this.


Best areas to use FIFA 20 Face up Dribbling

As we said above, there is no real 'best area to use' it is more a question of the best areas! We find it incredibly useful in the following scenarios:

1. With pressure on your defender when chasing down the ball, if you get to the ball with the attacker closing down on you (around 5-10 yards of pitch space). Imagine you are defending the left goal and see the diagram below to help understand fully. When you are controlling the player and moving towards the ball that's been played over your defenders head you want to chase the ball down and then just before you get to the shot you want to perform the face-up dribble (see above if you've forgotten already!) and then this bit is critical – you want to keep moving towards your own goal by holding this way on the left stick . What this will do is give you, even more, space and time as the opposition player is closing you down. As they get close then you move you one side while letting go of the face-up dribble buttons and accelerate away;

2. Use in midfield areas – there is a more detailed explanation below for this area;

3. In a crowded box, is another area we use the face-up dribble. It can be a great way to open up a little gap or create space to get a finesse shot off.

TIP Best areas to use FIFA 20 Face up Dribbling

1. Because you will be holding the sprint button as part of the face-up dribble all you have to do, once you've created the room, of course, is let go of the left trigger or L2 and you'll be ready to burst into an open space you've created.

2. Using the face-up dribble is a great way to hold onto the ball while waiting for more rooted runners before playing that decisive through ball.