Blade & Soul: How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/25/15 00:43:38 Views: 1847

We all know that if you play Blade & Soul to the high levels you will be able to enjoy lots of benefits such as packs and weapons. How do we get our level up fast? Are there any guides? Here we offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game.


Level 1-10

During level 1-10, the beginning stage of the game, you should take it easy. You can choose to do some of the tasks to quickly level up. You can choose to beat the zombie boss when you reach level 9. The critical attack using trigram strike will work great. To quickly and effectively level up, one can try to beat the zombie boss with critical attack in the beginning.


Level 10-20

When you reach level 10, you can play the scorpion dungeon. You can beat 50 scorpion bosses at one time. With each scorpion, you can get more than 10 experience points, and 50 scorpion bosses will bring more than 500 experience points. With the rich reward of experience points, it is worth trying. But when you reach level 17, only slightly less experience points will be available. However, as long as you mange to upgrade from level 3 to level 20, things will be easier.


Level 20-30

When you reach level 20, you will confront the polluted cave where you can play the polluted cave dungeon while do tasks. You can focus on the polluted cave when you reach level 22. You can get 4000 experience points for playing the polluted cave dungeon at level 22 or higher. While you are only allowed to play the dungeon every 10 minutes, you can upgrade by 2 levels within one hour. You can enjoy this benefit until you reach level 27, and the experience points will be less at level 28 or higher, in reaction to which you can choose to do tasks. As long as you reach level 29, you can beat Kongou to get more experience points.


Level 30-36

When you reach level 30, all you need to do is completing tasks. You can upgrade to level 36 with ease by only completing tasks. It is not necessary to play dungeons which can be a waste of time. If the task is off, you can go to the ease cave or the shadow to continue, which can be very easy. As long as you reach 36, you can focus on leveling.


Level 37-42 

When you reach level 37, you can go to the Red Leaves Mountain Villa to level up by beating. You can earn 96 experience points by beat a pig. The reward is not big enough to allow fast leveling. It usually takes one minute to beat a pig, but it takes less time if you use skills. You use skills so that you will not waste time on it.


Level 42-45

You will go to the heaven temple after level 42. You can beat the monkey boss and earn 100 experience points with each monkey. But if you are a Kongou, this method is not recommended. You should do the tasks and go to the Misty Forest where you can play the imperial base. In doing so, you can get many rewards such as bns gold, potions unblocking repair props, etc. If these rewards are not enough for you, you can choose to play the spider cave. But it is not easy to play the spider cave. It requires technical skills to complete the task. You can play to the full level before you play the 4 Big Dungeons.