Blade & Soul: Rough Count of Taken Character Names

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/13/16 14:08:05 Views: 1291

TL;DR - Current estimate is 32,204+ Taken Names as of ~6PM CST


Hey everybody! Today, while working, I attempted to use the tool from NC to check available names and started poking around with my browser's dev tools. I noticed the autocomplete input field was something I could use to get a quick yes/no result on a name. 


From there, I played around with a small script that hit up the autocomplete with roughly 700+ different variations of AA-ZZ (also tried putting more variations, not knowing what wildcard search logic they were using) and collected results from each variation.


I might go back and refine a little more (the response packet I get from NC will leave me with nightmares, so it was a little painful extracting), and I really don't want to disrupt NC by attempting any further. From what I gathered, there are roughly 32,204 unique names already taken on the North American servers. Again, and I can't say this enough, this is a very rough attempt to extract data and is not perfect, but should hopefully give you an idea!


If there is interest/people are ok with me sharing, I can also put up the entire list in a .csv for you to use when finding character names that are taken. I may also give it a shot for the EU players.


Blade and soul name


Edit at 6:45pm CST: We're now at 33,340 taken names! I am going to spend a little time getting something available for people to look at, list wise. I'll get it up this evening! Until then, if you're reallllllllly interested, you can see my current .csv upload on sharecsv.


Edit at 10:16pm CST: Thanks for the responses! It was pretty interesting looking into it. You can count at least 2 more taken names by myself! I ran into some family issues (grown up problems, am I right?) and wasn't able to do much else this evening. I will definitely update again here tomorrow morning with a new estimate. Afterwards, I'll probably hold off on any further updates until the name reservation ends. There I will give you a new estimate for both NA and EU characters that have been created!