Blade & Soul Team's Holiday Wishes and Upcoming Events

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The Blade & Soul team recently has posted the holiday wishes to all the players and their family through the official forum. During this time, the Blade and Soul Team will be spending the rest of the year with their families. Customer Support will be available to take your inquiries but keep in mind that response times may be slower during this period. Now let us have a look on the Upcoming Events.Remember to buy Blade and Soul gold online to make your characters powerful.


Upcoming Events


1. January 11: Name Reservation begins


EU servers open: 6pm UTC

NA servers open: 6pm PST


2. January 14, 10am PST: Name Reservation ends


3. January 15, 10am PST/6pm UTC: Head Start begins


4. January 19, 12:01am EST/5am UTC: Blade & Soul launches and Founder’s Pack sales end


Server Names

Blade and Soul Team would like to announce the server names that will be available at Head Start and launch! Be sure to pick your servers wisely as server transfers will not be available at launch.


North American Servers


Master Hong







Old Man Cho




European Servers


Ebon Hall


Cardinal Gates

Wild Springs

Starfall Crater

Hao District

[DE] Frostgipfel

[DE] Bambusdorf

[DE] Windweide

[FR] Dokumo

[FR] Ogong

[FR] Hogdonny


Finally the Blade and Soul team hopes all the players be safe and warm this holiday season. Blade and Soul will see you in 2016. And also BladeSoulGold's cheap Blade and Soul gold will on sale as soon as the game released.


Happy Holiday