Blade and Soul Community Petition for SEA Servers

bladesoulgold Date: Feb/21/16 01:00:25 Views: 1150

The launch of Blade and Soul in the NA and EU regions also saw an overwhelming response from SEA and Oceanic gaming community as well. Although this has been a reason of the rapid rise of players going up more than 2 Million is just a month, the SEA and Oceanic players weren’t quite happy with the negligence of servers for their reason. Both regions had to connect to game servers in EU and NA resulting in high ping and lag.


The community was pretty frustrated about the issue, and wanted a solution. Now, Blade and Soul developers have taken matter into their hands and are willing to cooperate if they see potential number of players from both regions.


community post-2


To do that, a petition has been made to show Blade and Soul Team the fan base in SEA and Oceanic regions and if it will be a viable option to place game servers in that region.


As of now 13,448 supporters have already signed the petition. The goal of the petition is to achieve 50,000 and with the number it has been able to achieve in such a short time, the community will definitely be able to reach their goal. Sign the petition now and give your two cents to the effort.


13448 Supporters