Blade And Soul Gold Making Guide

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Blade and Soul is a popular Korean MMO that has arrived in North America shortly after a series of betas. The NA server will be similar to the Asian servers, although it won't have some of the most recent content and each server differs slightly from the others. However, experience with the beta and with the other servers has revealed a lot of information about the game that will help out new NA players. In this post, we will examine one aspect of the game that matters a lot: gathering gold.


Gold in Blade and Soul is a very important resource. You need it for many different portions of the game, with perhaps the most important being upgrading your weapon and accessories. The upgrading system, which we discuss in other posts, requires that you craft, acquire, or purchase a variety of materials. For reasons that will become clear shortly, nobody can craft all the materials they need, so every player has to buy some of them. This generally does not come up as a significant issue until the late game. Early on, you can find new accessories pretty easily and you don't need to put much effort into upgrading your weapon.


Daily Dungeons


The first primary source of gold is the daily dungeons. Each patch adds new content, but right now there are four or five main areas that give out the most gold: Blackram, Misty Woods, Highland Necropolis, Orchard of Souls, Hogshead Pastures, Lycandi Foothills, and Sapphire Basin. They are only available to high level players, but again, making gold is most important after you reach the higher levels anyway. Once you get out of the top tier of dungeons, the gold rewards tend to not be worth the time it takes to run them.


The monsters in the top dungeons drop a lot of gold, and you can go faster if you are playing a high AoE damage class like the Blade Master. You just need to collect a lot of mobs at once and them wipe them out with your AoE skills. SIngle-target and low-health classes like the Assassin won't be able to pull as many mobs at once, so they will gather gold more slowly. As a bonus, you can also pick up some EXP using this approach, so you can get through those last few levels as you approach the cap.




The next source of income is the game's crafting system. In short, you can craft useful items and sell them on the open market to other players. In Blade and Soul you may select two crafting guilds and two gathering guilds. Then you can use your four guilds to create two types of materials and two types of craft goods. For example, the Fish Network guild lets you make fish materials. To make a good income from crafting, you have to now which craft products are in high demand. You also need to keep track of this over time, because it changes as new players reach the level cap and as patches change which upgrades are important.


Right now, one of the best guilds to choose is the Soul Wardens, who create transformation stones. These are important items for almost every upgrade in the game. That means players of all levels will need them and will have to purchase them, so demand will always be high. You can use the stones yourself as well, saving you the money you would have spent to purchase them.


As for the other profession to choose as a crafting guild, the Merry Potters guild is a good complementary choice. The crafts from this guild are materials in the transformation stone crafts, so you can reduce the cost of your transformation stone crafts by making those materials yourself. This increases your profit margin. In addition, the Merry Potters' crafts are good to sell to lower level players for the Windstride quest, and you can sell the transformation stone precursors to other high level players.


There is one more reason to choose these two guilds together: they use overlapping sets of materials. Both guilds draw on the output of the Tree Fellers to craft their goods. You can then pick either the Green Thumbs or the Trapper's Alliance as your other gathering profession. The Soul Wardens need meat and the Merry Potters need soil and grain.


The Trappers Alliance


Auction House


There is one last way to make gold, although it tends to be the least productive one. That is using the auction house and trying to capitalize on supply and demand. If you can find a rare item and then sell it for a nice profit, that might be a good use of your time once you have exhausted the good daily dungeons and you have your guilds working on orders for you.


There are a few problems with this. First of all, it is never easy to predict which items will get a good price. The most important items and drops are well-known, so there will be lots of people trying to sell them. That cuts down on the potential profits by a lot. What you need to do is find an important item with high demand and low supply. That is not easy. It is also subject to change as people learn about profitable items and patches alter the game.


In any case, you do need a lot of gold at the end of the game. As is clear when you understand how crafting works, you need to buy some ingredients to make your upgrades. Picking good guilds will help you because you will save on some of the costs of acquiring big materials, but there will still be some cost. Once you approach and then reach the level cap, in fact, much of your time will go to making gold, and this guide lays out exactly how to do that. Start with the dailies, work on some crafts, and then try to get some useful drops and sell them with any leftover time.




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