Blade and Soul Mobile Has Launched in China on March 7

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/11/16 23:30:31 Views: 999



As is announced by the officially NCsoft that the mobile game "Blade and Soul" has been launched in China on March 7. And the android version firstly released on March 7th, then the iOS version were coming before March 10th, confirmed by Tencent game. Before the official launch, Tencent has do some tests after which players' data would not be wiped and players are able to buy items.


"Blade&Soul Mobile" is said to be the first mobile game officially developed by NCsoft, which is a battle card game featuring both 2D art and 3D models, with the battles especially flashy.


According to the official information, the 2D art pieces are drawn by a total of 51 artists from China, Japan, and South Korea, with 12 different art styles incorporated into the game. There are over 60 characters, 79 different attack combos, "Live 2D" technology, and more. Netmarble is also developing a new Blade & Soul mobile game. There is no word if either will make it to the English market.