Crafting Tips for Blade and Soul Beginners

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In Blade & Soul you do not craft items yourself, you place orders with your crafting guild and wait for them to complete your item. Here are some tips of crafting items for all blade and soul beginners.




1.First step, you need to find materials for the items you desired. Even though, you needn't to build an items by yourself. You must find samples of the materials for your items. You can find it from the whole world. And keep in mind, different materials will have specific locations you need to discover to get it. 

2.Your material has been unlocked. Press "L" key to open the crafting tab, find the material you want to collect. Please note that you must have the required level of agglomeration.

3.Click the "Process" button, your material will now have a cooldown, it said it would take for you to collect guild collect items specified time.

4.After you put the craft, a small icon will appear at the bottom of the screen when you hover over it, a small process window will pop up displaying the current state of arts and crafts. From there, you can simply collect the goods and repeat the same orders.

5.Craft these materials using the same procedure (except do not need a "sample"). Issuing tab, select repeat.




There are 7 crafting guilds:


Blacksmith (Weaponsmith) – weapons, repair hammers etc;

Alchemist (Grand Medicine Institution) – elixirs, potions, antidotes;

Priests (BoPae) – tables (BoPae), evolution stones;

Local Flavor (Cooking) – food (healing/boosting stats and so on);

Potters – bottles, containers, mining picks, refined materials;

Jewellers – accessories, gems, keys to chests;

Astrologers (Monarch Church) – escape talismans, unsealing talismans, revival talismans;


Leveling crafts

You can level your crafts by simply ordering guilds to produce materials for you all the time. It takes time and money but is really worth it as on higher levels you automatically unlock new designs for items. It works a bit different with guilds of gatherers – you unlock new gatherable resources by finding their samples all over the world. Locations of all of them will be in a separate article.


After placing your craft a small icon will appear on bottom of your screen and when you hover over it a tiny craft window will pop up showing the status of your current crafts. From there on you can simply gather goods and repeat the same orders.


Keep in mind that higher level crafts require rarer ingredients and craftable items made by other guilds.


Leaving a crafting or gathering guild


If you want to leave a guild you can do it by simply right-clicking the guild logo in the Crafting Tab (L) and choosing the "Leave Guild" option.