Deep Analysis about Blade & Soul Costume Prices

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/11/15 14:20:50 Views: 1162

In the following i am specifically talking about costume prices, since i did not look at every item the shop has to offer. I do know that this is not the final state of the prices and that they are most likely intentional high since from an marketing perspective it would be way worse to start with low prices and rise them than to start with high prices and to decrease them. But if noone talks about it they could get the impression that the prices are not as insane as they are.


The prices are ridiculous. Most costumes are around 800 - 1600 NCoin. 


That means an average costume costs between 10 and 20 bucks... which is just absolutely insane. I doubt that this word is even fitting anymore.


Dont get me wrong, i actually dont have a problem with paying for a game. I bought the master pack and i am going to be actively subbed. But honestly, i expect costumes to cost <= 5 bucks, with special (like seasonal, limited edition, ...) ones maybe, maybe, being closer to the 7-10. 


Assuming you play 2-3 chars and plan on buying 1-2 costumes each, which - let's be honest - isnt that much, the amount of money you would have to put into the costumes alone is just way to high. If we go with an average of 1200 NCoin per costume that'd make 2.5*1.5*1200 = 4500 NCoin. Which is about 60 bucks. To put this into perspective, we are talking about nothing more than 1.5*2.5 = 3.75 costumes. 


It doesnt even get much better if we only buy the costumes that would be considered "cheap" in the current shop.


Blade & Soul Costume


The following is my own opinion and people might disagree with it:


I made the experience that, in nearly every game, i tend to spend a lot of bns gold if i dont feel like it's wasted at all. This means i, personally, keep on spending money and dont regret it if the game offers me "a lot" for the money i spend. On the other hand i made the experience that i tend to be think twice about spending money at all if the prices are ridiculous. 


I mean, i spend 120 bucks on the master pack alone. Yes, there are NCoins in the pack. It's about 90 bucks of NCoin. That doesnt change the fact that it's a sh*itton of money and i dont want to see it melt before my eyes for something like 6-10 costumes. 


I'm not sure right now, but if i got it right costumes are not even account but character bound, correct? In that case i'd say 5 bucks, equalling 400-500 NCoin for a costume would be the maximum they should demand. 


To prevent people from saying "well they have to live from something too" - i know. Everyone knows. That doesnt mean that the prices should be ridiculously high Putting the question aside if they loose a lot or not (considering that many more people will buy (more) when prices are lower), i hope that most people understand that games tend to run just fine with fair prices. Without naming specific titles, some of them are purchased with one-time payments, others have cheap/fair microtransactions. That includes server costs and service. 


I hope i managed to present my opinion on this topic. Since i'm not native in english i apologise for any mistakes made, i'll blame the time ;D


Tell me your opinion on this. Do you think the prices are fair? Are you like me and like to spend money if you dont feel like it's wasted? Or are you just fine with high prices since you only plan on buying one or two costumes? 


One thing to add: I did never play the taiwan versions/chinese/.. version. So i'm assuming that you will get most costumes through drops/quests/rewards and just a few from the shop, but (!) that doesnt mean the current prices of up to 20 bucks for one costume are in any way justifiable.




I agree with the people who say that it's better to have expensive costumes than a P2W game. However, i disagree with the assumption that more affordable prices for costumes would result in a P2W game. As i said above (hoping everyone went through the effort to acrually read the post..) there are very successfull games out there that are based on well working f2p models, or one time purchases. And let's be honest... MMORPG's are most likely the biggest money machine you can put on the marked. No matter what you do, you only need a few "big whales" to keep going. 


So yes:

High Prices > P2W



Fair prices are easily possible without resorting to P2W. And fair prices without P2W > ridiculous prices any time ^^