Dofus Touch: Best Solution to Win Dofus Touch Kamas

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/27/16 14:52:59 Views: 1306

In Dofus Touch, trades are the best solution to win Dofus Touch Kamas, the currency of the game. The trades are divided into two categories: collection (recovery) and craft (creation).


The collection business focuses on the recovery of raw materials. Each job allows you to retrieve a certain type of object. To start the harvesting of a resource, you only have to learn the corresponding trade (Bucheron> Bois for example). To collect a resource, click the corresponding business tool through your inventory and select the corresponding action.



Crafts allow you to create objects. These trades are more greedy than others, both in terms of time and kamas. In return, they will allow you to create powerful objects. As for the collection trades, the trades corresponding to the objects you wish to manufacture are activated via your inventory. Each object to be created is the subject of a recipe.


Mechanisms Of Commerce


Understanding the mechanisms of commerce is essential in Dofus Touch. Indeed the trade will allow you to acquire many objects indispensable in the recipes for all that relates to the creation of special objects. Some items that are particularly difficult to obtain can be traded in the Dofus trading section. It's an alternative way of winning cheap Dofus Touch kamas compared to the classic fighting activity.



Hotels Of Sale


The auction houses allow you to sell your items by setting the price of your choice. There is a hotel for sale by trade. Almost all of the retail hotels are located within the three main cities of Dofus Touch, namely Astrub, Bonta and Brakmar.


To sell an item, select a vendor NPC (green pseudo that always starts with "seller") and then select "sell" before choosing the item, quantity and price. The sale of an item is subject to a tax that varies according to your alignment and the selling hotel used.


To view the items for sale and to make purchases, select "Buy" in the interface of the hotels of sale. You will then be able to consult all the objects put up for sale by the other Dofus players on your server.


The Merchant Mode


The commercial mode of Dofus Touch is accessible from his character by selecting "organize my store". The merchant mode brings up a bag just next to your character. This mode only activates when you are offline. It makes it possible to acquire objects almost everywhere in the game and moreover the commission fee is less important.



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