Escape from Tarkov: Ragman guide to trade goods, quests, and loyalty

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In Escape from Tarkov, the Ragman (Abramayan Arshavir Sarkisivich) was a director of many city's greatest Shopping Centers. Now, We're going to introduce every from the tasks of Ragman merchants, the improvement of loyalty, together with the things that may be traded beneath. It includes trade goods within the Ragman, quests, and how to enhance loyalty. By way of the following content, players can understand all of the information guides of dealer Ragman.

Escape from Tarkov: Ragman guide to trade goods, quests, and loyalty

Jaeger Info

Abramayan Arshavir Sarkisivich, identified by his nickname "Ragman", was a director of the city's biggest Shopping Centers. His background has permitted him to secure many worthwhile goods stored in different military, survival, and hunter's shops situated in his Center. Should you be looking for Physique Armours, survival gear, and combat backpacks, visiting the Ragman is your ideal bet. 

Ragman is quantity one inside the Escape From Tarkov who to sell to order for the fantastic reason as he pays a nice premium price for the many armors, rigs, backpacks, and accessory clothes things in Escape From Tarkov, when you locate your self getting overwhelmed from your scav runs with random backpacks, low-level armors, and face/eye accessories you'll need to sell them straight to Ragman.


Ragman Provided Goods: 

Various more and less useful clothing, Armored Vests, Helmets, Tactical Backpacks, Tactical Rigs, Tactical Gear (Headphones, Faceshields, Eye Protection). 

Use Currency: Roubles

Offers Best Price Goods

  • Containers (pays a bit more than Therapist) 
  • Armor 
  • Helmets 
  • Tactical Gear 
  • Clothing 


You will find at the moment over 27 Ragman quests. While a few of the Escape from Tarkov’s quests are essential and may be completed in minutes, other folks can take up lots of time. Right here is a rundown of all of the Ragman’s quests which let you unlock knowledge points, trader reputation, funds, important loot, uncommon containers, and open the obtain of new things.


Note: Most of the listed barter products can also randomly spawn inside a Raid so maintain your eyes peeled. 

Loyalty Level 1


3x Reduced Half-Mask -> 1x PACA Soft Armor

This barter gets outdated pretty rapidly but, for anyone new to the game, you might not have access to anything far better, and this may nevertheless save you from fairly several Scav bullets fired within your path. 

Scavs often wear reduced Half-Masks. 

2x Ox Bleach -> 1x Ratnik-Bsh Helmet

Ratnik Helmet could be only Armor Class 3. However, it features a high ricochet possibility which makes it an excellent decision indeed. This can be a less expensive option for the SSh-68 Helmet. 

Bleach is often a prevalent loose spawn and can be found in Caches and Sports Bags. Scavs also carry it from time to time. 


2x Dogtag (any - level 1 and up) -> 1x Flyye MBSS Backpack

A tremendous cost to pay for a backpack, particularly early on within the game. The MBSS Backpack offers a 4x4 grid and can permit you to carry at least some loot out of a Raid. 

Each PMC carries a Dogtag that could be looted from their corpse. For this swap, it's essential to gather just 2 Dogtags from any players as level 1s are adequate. 

Loyalty Level 2


1x Coffe Majaica + 1x TarCola + 1x Pack of Milk -> 1x BNTI Kirasa-N Armor

The Kirasa offers Class 3 armor protection which is sufficient to defend you against most Scavs and rather a handful of low-level players and mages. It a fantastic early game armor option. 

Coffe, TarCola, and Milk are popular in Ration Provide Crates, Jackets, Suitcases, and Sports Bags. They will also be identified in areas just like the Goshan retailer on the Interchange. 


1x Energy-Saving Lamp -> 1x Camelbak Tri-Zip Backpack

Camelback Backpack offers a 5x6 Grid Size, so you can match a great deal of loot into it. Thanks to this swap, you could get a spacious Backpack early, which is constantly a significant investment. 

ES Lamps are generally discovered in industrial/storage/shop regions on all maps and can spawn in Drawers, Sports Bags, Toolboxes, and Technical Supply Crates. Scavs also carry them in some cases. 

Loyalty Level 3


4x Ox Bleach + 2x Schaman Shampoo -> 1x Wartech TV-100 Plate Carrier

This can be quite an excellent deal as TV-100 is a Tactical Rig that doubles as Class 4 Armor; it also has pretty loads of space in it, so you can even look at applying it devoid of a backpack.

Bleach and Schaman Shampoo are quite widespread spawns and may be discovered in Caches and Sports Bags. Scavs also carry them often. 

Schaman Shampoo could be crafted at Level 2 Lavatory from 1 Soap and one 0.6L Water Bottle. 

five Ox Bleaches might be crafted at Level two Lavatory from 1 Soap, 1 Alkali Surface Washer, and 1 Sodium Bicarbonate

You can also barter 4 Bottles with Filter Aquamarine for an ANA Tactical M1 Armored Rig, which can be incredibly similar to TV-110 but has a bit greater mobility penalties. 


Loyalty Level 4


7x Ox Bleach -> 1x Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack

Among the more giant backpacks within the game (it offers a 6x7 grid size and takes up 5x7, so you'll be able to stack them infinitely and essentially acquire additional storage space within the procedure). 

Five Ox Bleaches could be crafted at Level 2 Lavatory from 1 Soap, 1 Alkali Surface Washer, and 1 Sodium Bicarbonate, so this must be an easy swap to produce inside the late game. 


1x Antique Vase + 10x Chainlet -> 1x 5.11 Tactic Plate Carrier

This plate carrier offers lots of carrying space and excellent protection with its Class 5 armor. Due to the components, it is made of, it repairs incredibly well so it can serve you for any extended time. 

Chainlets might be identified in Jackets, Caches, Safes, Sports Bags, and Plastic Suitcases. They're also carried by Scavs from time to time and can spawn randomly in a Raid. 

Antique Vase Spawns in the Lab (Manager Office and Arsenal Area), Woods (next for the dead scav by the shore), Factory (officer hallway), Shoreline (East Wing Area 310), and Reserve (lifeless physique close to the helicopter). It may also be identified in Safes, Sports Bags, Suitcases, and Caches. 

Loyalty Level Requirements

  1. Loyalty Level 2 - 400,000 Roubles worth of goods bought/sold, 0.15 Reputation, Character level 12. 
  2. Loyalty Level 3 - 700,000 Roubles worth of goods bought/sold, 0.30 Reputation, Character level 20. 
  3. Loyalty Level 4 - 900,000 Roubles worth of goods bought/sold, 0.60 Reputation, Character level 32. 


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