Fast Way to Hit Level 50 in Blade and Soul

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It has been quite a while since Blade and Soul released Silverfrost Mountains, and the new level progress has brought players amazing gaming experience. You have a broad range of content about the level 50. During level 45 - 50, you need to complete the main quest to upgrade level fast and we need to complete lots of side quests to earn XP and BNS Gold. Now, the following come to aims at share Blade and Soul guide to help you how quickly to upgrade level 50 & Hongmoon level 10.


Way to Gain XP in Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains


1. To complete Main Quest can gain lots of XP, the most you can reach is about 50,000 XP. That is considerable!


2. We have to complete some side quest so that we can get daily quest.


3. The reward for Daily Quest is not attractive, but it is difficult. The only good thing is that can offer sufficient blade and soul gold and materials.


4. Although the XP for killing wild monster is reasonable, they are dispersed around Silverfrost Mountains with high attacking damage.


In generally, the best way to upgrade fast to level 50 is completing main quest, then back to city to complete side quest and daily quest. Well, if you not only want to level fast, but also you want to earn lots of BNS Gold and items, to complete side quest and daily quest together. Of course, the dungeons Avalanche Den, Lair of the Frozen Fang, Awakened Necropolis are routine. You can collect the necessary bns items for progressing weapons.