Faye Update & Albion Online Video Guide Details

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Faye update, it involve either helping or fighting. Assumption that you met a gamer named Faye in the new forest biome, we can bet that it's veritable a coincidence. Regarding the patch also introduced new background music, when you hop off to collect resources, and build new guard towers across the land to take outlaw players around the world. With Albion Online release date is closer, and players have been made enough preparation to get cheap albion online gold



Not all that much from what I've seen I was huge into this game near the beginning of beta but after multiple months of beta, multiple NDA's and the seemingly slow development, many of us have walked away from the game.  


A New Year's post on Albion Online's website highlights all the events that happened throughout 2016, the chain of updates pulling the release date closer and closer, starting last January, More Albion Online the news of 2016 as well as upcoming release news, and you can head over to UPAlbion


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