FFXIV Stormblood Is A Brilliant Demonstration And Successful Expansion

bladesoulgold Date: Aug/25/17 14:54:56 Views: 1206

As we know, as the Final Fantasy XIV the second expansion, there are two continents,  new jobs, dungeons and gear. The developers promises to build upon one the ongoing legacy of the most successful MMOs in recent years. Pleasingly, this expansion is overall successful, Square Enix got amazing profit, and FFXIV passed 10 million players. Still looking to buy fast, cheap and reliable Final Fantasy XIV Gil



The game has long been renowned for its rich story, engaging combat and encounter design, but expansions are rough territory for any MMO. Even if change too much and you risk fixing something that isn’t broken and alienating your subscribers. Fortunately, Stormblood is a brilliant demonstration of how to ace a release like this, threading the needle between the two extremes with ease.


True, this is a universe where desperate people can summon gods when pushed far enough, and where ancient technology often arises just when the plot needs it. But that hardly seems to matter in Stormblood, because what sets the narrative apart is not what happens, but the people behind it. There are far fewer magic plot twists here, and less evil for the sake of evil. 


It's a known fact that Final Fantasy XIV remains the king of MMO music. The English voice track remains absolutely excellent, with performances that consistently match the game’s best throughout. You travel across the world in FFXIV, and that's really reflected in the soundtrack. The battle system has been revitalised, with all jobs being tweaked from the ground up. Regarding more adjustments details, highly recommend you click here