Force Master PVP for 45 Level

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/30/16 23:06:02 Views: 1242

People can't move their character when frozen, not even turn. So if you manage to freeze someone AND get a chill stack on him there are little options left for them. I think SS still works but I am not sure.


Your chill disables most movement skills. Hence 3 points in Ice Coil so for example des or bm can't just sit out your chill in block unpunished. Freeze however doesn't disable movement so be careful in deciding when to go from chill to freeze.


Use all your skill consciously. This might net you a few losses but it will help your learning progress. Never press any skill (besides maybe unspecced Snowball) just because you have it.


Your Phantom grab is a great way to start a combo especially against the more block and counter heavy classes.


With 2 Chill stacks you can 4-1/4-RB-1 to start your combo or bait a tab trinket. If they use their trinket and you are against a class that only has one, you have to sit out 18s and then it's time to have fun as the trinket has 36s CD. You can also do 2 or 3 after you finished your grab to get a free stun/daze in. I had a scenario against a BM that wasted his trinket. 18s later I made sure to have 2 chills on him and caught him in a double stun into double air combo.


On that point. Your Aerial Grip finisher disables defenses for 6 seconds. If you get it off on a BM for example it's free DPS time for 6S as he can neither jump you due to chill nor block.


This is a cheesy tactic so use it at your own risk but you can open arena against melees with E-V. That way you just freeze when they jump you.


Many Classes have a gapcloser out of gliding that they will use in the opener if you let them. To prevent them just glide yourself. It's that easy. Also other movement skills don't work on gliding targets.


As described above you simply need a stun or daze and then press your fire tab to get someone into the air combo. Note that you CAN squeeze in a little extra oomph before actually grabbing them. Practice to get your LB-RB or reversed out in the shortest possible time as it is a great filler for situations like that.


Also after you knock them out of the sky with your 1 people have some different options.


Lay down and wait it out. That's the worst possible solution as you can just freely do to them whatever you want. Note that you can stun and daze them while they are knocked down so no need to do any fancy timings.


Use Tab escape. If they got it ready while in mid air they can tab out of the knockdown. You can spec in most tabs so that they daze so it's best to get a couple meters BEHIND the enemy before knocking him down. All tabs have some frames where you are still locked in the animation but are attackable. You can use this to chain more CC.


Option three is to retreat out of the knockdown. You see the KD coming from miles away so it's not that hard. This is the reason why you want to be behind them rather than in front as they can't turn before retreating. This one also has some frames where you can be attacked but are locked in the animation. If you hit someone with any form of CC after their retreat they are in HUGE trouble. This is called tech chasing btw if you ever wondered about that term.


Here is a video of the "basic forcemaster combo"



It looks very intimidating at first but it really isn't that hard. I'd start with just learning the combo starting with your grip->3 for a safe stun and then squeeze in some damage, impact the freeze for more stun and knockup. This is easy to learn and will deal a good 20-30% of an enemies health. After that you can work on adding LB-RB into the mix between CCs to be able to extend your combo even further due to more freezes.