Guide to Make Money in Blade and Soul When Hit Level 50

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/09/16 23:16:22 Views: 1288

With the release of Silverfrost Mountains, the Blade and Soul has increased its level cap to level 50 and the Hongmoon level to 10 as we all know. And questions like how to make money in Level 50 has gradually catch players' attention. Then, today I'd like to share you the guides on it, hope it will be helpful to you.




1. Moonstone

The Moonstone is mainly produced by factions and players from Moonstone powder. Although it is not hard to get the powder, it is almost impossible for mass production of the Moonstones in a short time. The Moonstones are advanced items. It takes 10 Moonstones to make a Transformation Stone. It is recommended to have some Moonstones.


2. Feather Prairie and Hindquarters

They are drops that have a random chance to drop off mobs in Skypetal Plains. If you get the drops after you kill the mobs, you should not sell them because the items could be useful in the future. 


3. Relics of the Silverfrost Mountains

The Relics of the Silverfrost Mountains are made of advanced glacial till refined material and Silverfrost Transformation Stone. The use of Secret Technique is not popular, and there are only a few people who can craft with the advanced glacial till refined material. Due to the lack of refined materials, Transformation Stones cannot be crafted. The demand for the Relics of the Silverfrost Mountains is low on the market. There will be considerable room for the increase in price. It is recommended to purchase some.




4. Glacial Till Refined Materials and Advanced Glacial Till Refined Materials

The materials are popular crafting materials. You can craft the glacial till refined material yourself or buy it with low price, but should not the advanced glacial till refined material, because it is very expensive 




5. Soulstone

It takes a lot of Soulstones in the Silverfrost Mountains. Soulstones are required for professions, items transformation and the upcoming upgrade of the legendary weapon, although Soulstones are not highly sought after now. If the production of Soulstones is not increased, the price of the stones will soar in the near future. It is recommended to get some Soulstones.  


In conclusion, you should store enough basic materials and some advanced materials. It is not recommended to buy the advanced glacial till refined material and the Secret Technique. You can consider buying them when the prices are lowered.