Guides for Floor 6 and Floor 7 in Mushin's Tower

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In this article, you'll be given an overview of which enemy to expect and what skills to use in Blade and Soul Mushin's Tower Floor 6 and Floor 7.


Known by every Blade and Soul players, there is a particularly strong opponent on each floor of the Mushin's Tower. If you defeat them, then you have the privilege to enter to the next floor. There are 8 floors currently. And the developers will also add additional floors in the future.


It should be noted that the tower is of course easier if you already have better equipment. Should you have just freshly reached the maximum level, then it may be advantageous to play dungeons to improve your gear. The following is a guide on Floor 6 and Floor 7. 




Floor 6

Floor 6 is particularly interesting, because here you can expect 5 different opponents. First, you make your way to the dealer and buy an essence to the wheel of fortune to use it.


There are a total of the symbols of the 4 known bosses from various dungeons on this wheel of fortune. You meet a gap with the wheel of fortune, and then you expect a little pig, which can be quickly defeated.




Floor 7

The seventh floor was formerly the last in the Mushin's Tower. Now, there is still another floor where a difficult battle awaits you.


The blows from the boss are tough, so we try to avoid as much damage as possible. His first ability is to summon multiple blades around himself. The blade will fly for a short time to the position where you are located. This damage can and should be avoided.


Furthermore, the boss will storm at you if you stand farther away. He also uses a Blade Flurry, which causes no damage if you stand near the boss. It becomes problematic when he does his AoE attack, then you have not much space between his attack and the whirling blades. He also has the ability to give you an upward blow which causes a lot of damage.


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