Guides for Warlock in Doing Mushins Tower Floor 8

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/09/16 00:54:44 Views: 1112



As we all know that Warlock is a new class in Blade and Soul. We have talked more about its basic information in the article before. But some players still feel hard in doing Floor 8 on Mushins Tower.They are stuck on mushins rage and always get air combo. Someone said he can't do anything about it since he just keeps teleporting right in his face, at awakened infernal accessories, pirate bracelet, with stage 10 awakened siren weapon and siren belt. And now I'd like to give some tips to help the players who have the same problem. The details are as follows:


First, you shouldn't be stunned, just play warlock like another class. You should try to make more damage and do enough DPS before timer. If he teleports in front of you, just quell and repulse and you will knock him away. At the first time, for mushin rage, you can knock him down rather than knock him back. You can keep wing storm up to reduce the CD of your tether blade all the time. And spam your bastion on CD, use 3 points to heal and 3 points into sanctuary for the heal. And then for your pet. It is not worth to use any points into obliterate, I think you just need 3 points in attacking for the extra damage. And I suggest you can join a dark build for more mobility.  When he goes into the fire AOE phase run to the edge of the run and you frame the last blast. In addition, the main battle is to let you fly a kite without being hit, knocked down and use the time to buy call / healing. Mushin darkness is just the same as I did not hurt to kill it. The real blasphemy and WEP siren awakened 5 accessories.