Have You Well Prepared for the Release of Blade & Soul

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As the website news, many players has showed their desire on the release of Blade and Soul, they said that they have full prepared for the release of Blade & Soul. Our web shop also will launch some events for customers to buying BNS Gold during the release date of Blade and Soul. Since there is only one month left for North American release of Blade & Soul. As we know This action MMO game now becomes one of the most hot games across Asia, especially welcomed by Chinese players. It is now ready to introduce itself to the West as one of 2016's biggest MMO releases.


Blade And Soul Gold


The Closed Beta 4 of Blade and Soul has just ended on December 14th. Gamers are going to play the action-oriented game with amazing presentation, the game has gained a wealth of attention among MMO enthusiasts. it is said that there is a lucky player who is also the action and fighting game fan has found the game to be potentially revolutionary, equipped with a "timing-based combat system" and thoughtfully developed PvE and PvP elements. Do not hesitate to gather large amount of BNS Gold for sale on BladeSoulGold.net.


NCSoft has kindly supplied us with 10 Blade & Soul Master Packs, each valued at $124.99 for a total prize value of over $1,200! This popular founder's package could be a very good way to get started with the game. You can view the details on the official website of 10 Blade & Soul Master Packs. Also you can buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold on our web shop.