How do we deliver the BNS Gold?

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/14/16 10:25:37 Views: 1095

All players know that to get the best equipment in Blade & Soul, they need gold and lots of it. How do we deliver the BNS Gold?


1. After you are in game, press F8 key and enter the Dungeon lobby, and click "Find Room".


2. Input the Lobby number that we give you. There is no password.


3. Once you enter the lobby, please click "Ready" and join the dungeon with our gamer.


4. After you are in the dungeon, please kill the NPC with us.


5. Once any refined or higher item drops from the NPC, we will bid this item with the gold.


6. After we bid, you need to choose "Pass" and then you will get the gold.


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