How Does PVP Work in Blade and Soul

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Blade & Soul can be played in two modes: Player versus Player (PvP) or Player versus Environment (PvE). PvP is based on an optional flagging system, and it involves two factions that a player can choose earlier in the story: the Crimson Legion faction or the Cerulean Order faction. Each faction comes with its own specifications.


Players must equip themselves with PvP outfits if they wish to engage in battle. Player cannot engage in battle if they do not have their fighting outfits equipped. Players who are not wearing fighting costumes have white names on their foreheads, indicating they cannot be attacked. Players who have their PvP outfit equipped have their names written in red on their character, indicating that they are attackable players. In PvP mode, you can attack any player in the world as long as they have red names.


Along with the 2 main factions, there are a few factions that are hostile against each other. Check out the screen shot below for more information.


pvp 1


Some Important PvP Rules


- You cannot swap gear or doboks while in combat.

- Changing from a faction dobok to a neutral one will take five seconds.

- Changing from a neutral costume to a faction costume is instant.


Rewards in PvP


You get a temporary Blade & Soul gold called Prestige Point when you take a named opponent down. The Blade & Soul gold will accumulate every time you kill. Remember, these points are just temporary, and they will reset if you are killed by an enemy and you have not turned them in. They can also reset when you leave the zone instance, exit the game or remove your faction costume. The number of Prestige Points a player can collect increases as their faction rank improves.


bns pvp 2


You can choose to swap your faction at any point at any time. However, note that you will lose all your prestige points, and you will have to start all over again to increase your rank. You can trade your Prestige Point for reputation.


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