How to Backswing Animation Canceling for Kung Fu Master

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/10/16 02:18:41 Views: 1245



Animation Canceling allows you to attack fast, which can result in more damage or generate resources faster. The part of the animation which occurs after cast point has been reached is called Backswing animation, and during it the unit is unable to attack or use abilities. This part of the animation is purely a liability; it has no effects besides temporarily impeding the unit, and as such it is beneficial to cancel a long Backswing animation, which will allow the unit to execute other commands sooner. The player can cancel the Backswing Animations to increase DPS by ordering the unit to stop, move or simply by using an item or casting another spell during the Backswing. 


1.To use Cyclone Kick to cancel Leg Sweep cast backswing.

2.To click "F" twice, use Cyclone Kick+Smite(T2F3), of course, you can use Smite Strike or Straight Jab to cancel cast backwings

3.Straight Jab can use QE to cancel cast backswing, it will be fluently than only click QE.

4.Comet Strike can use Straight Jab, Guiding Fist and Cyclone to cancel Cast Backswing.


Comet Strike(Comet Strike Tier 5 Form 2) can instant to use when you are evading. Although the animation of Comet Strike is blocked, in fact, it output the damage. 


The following video is about canceling Straight Jab and Swift Strike: