How to Check Ping in Blade & Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/19/16 15:53:35 Views: 1638

I made a little guide on how to check your actual ping to the game (or any game for that matter)




First, open task manager. Click on the Performance tab (1), then click the Resource monitor button at the bottom (2).




In Resource monitor, click the Network tab (1), this will show you a list of all active network processes on your pc. Find the game you want to check the ping of on the list and click the checkbox to the left of it (2). Note: WTFast and possible other vpns can mess this up.




Click the arrow button next to TCP connections to open the panel (1) then you will see a list of all the active connections to that game and the Latency (Ping) between them (2). This is accurate in real time ;D.