How to Earning Bns gold Quickly for New Players

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/30/15 23:22:12 Views: 1211

Blade And Soul is finally coming to NA North America, some who have played in closed beta must realize that earning Bns gold is too hard in Blade and Soul. A lot of items can only be sold for a few copper coins, and learn one skill cost at least 20 silver. So here we are going to share some tips for earning Bns gold in Blade & Soul, hope to help novice players.


bns gold


1. At the beginning of playing, bopaes and weapons you collect from leveling up can be sold on Auction, many a little makes a mickle is always working.


2. The items you made out can be sold too, such as the emergency repair tool in final closed beta is 15 silver per one, can be thrown into the auction house for selling.


3. Do not underestimate the gray items, adding up is very valuable.


4. Any gem with property is a treasure, you only can collect some by opening the box of BOSS, sell it at the price which is one copper lower than the market price on auction.


5. Do not repair equipment in NPC, you can save a lot by using repair tools or emergency repair tools to repair.


Actually methods are varied. In addition to the above, there are other methods such as sell the items from acquisition on auction directly. And at the early time the methods of earning Bns godl basically rely on selling items on auction house.


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