How to Fix Blade and Soul High Ping

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Blade and Soul High Ping has been the cause of frustration of many players in the new Kung Fu MMORPG. One of the main reasons why high ping becomes unbearable lies in the fact that a player's ability to deal high DPS is directly linked to his ping. If a player has high ping the amount of damage he will be able to inflict upon enemies especially in PvP scenarios will greatly decline. Compare it a person with low ping and you will envy the fun they are having.


As a matter of fact players have already started looking for the most comfortable classes they can play with Blade and Soul High Ping.


Classes for Blade and Soul High Ping


Out of the seven classes to choose from the most appropriate class if playing with Blade and Soul High Ping are as follows;




Destroyers in Blade and Soul greatly rely on a player's ability to animation cancel along with its Cleave and Judgement. Destroyer's main DPS comes through this combo that also forces the Destroyer to stand still while executing the combo giving him a sweet spot for players that have Blade and Soul High Ping. Even from the Beta stages of the game last year Destroyer's DPS has been increased a lot making him the best option for many players who want to deal tons of damage without moving.




The only class in Blade and Soul that uses a Summon (as the name implies) to deal damage. Though PvE is a bit easy for players with high ping, Summoner is also a lot effective in PvP as well. Probably being the only class that allows you to own opponents in PvP even if you are new or have Blade and Soul High Ping. Summoners have tanky pets that are also your main source of damage. All you have to do is sit back and spam the hell out of your keyboard to deal damage.


Blade Dancer


Blade Dancer is sort of an all in class that deals insane amounts of damage with their high attack speed and mobility. Blade Dancer is easy to play in Blade and Soul High Ping because of their ability to be in and out of fights due to their high mobility and deal heavy damage in less time.


Basically, these three are the classes that are by default a bit easy to understand and play. Their spells and abilities do not require a high skill cap nor do they demand pitch perfect timing to master. That is why playing them with Blade and Soul High Ping is much more comfortable. Though pros and cons come with all the classes however, the above described ones have resulted in a much better experience for players with Blade and Soul High Ping.


Cause of Blade and Soul High Ping and Its Solution


The selection of class described above is not the actual solution to the problem. No one would want to play with high ping for the rest of their lives when they can actually reduce it and play a lot better.


Going into the technical aspect of the cause, Blade and Soul High Ping is due to the game servers placed at distinct locations that increase the response time. This is kinda inevitable if you are going through the default route of your ISP that takes your game data through a number of hops before actually being received by the game server and vice versa.


Online Gamers who are using Kill Ping in this regards greatly benefit from its server routing methods. This effective server routing method allows game data to take the least number of hops to the game server. As the number of response decrease, Blade and Soul High Ping also decrease and players find themselves in a much more smooth online gaming experience.


If you were here looking for a permanent solution to high ping in Blade and Soul then this is your spot. Play Blade and Soul with Kill Ping and you won't be playing on High Ping anymore. A detailed guide has also been writing in this regards on how Kill Ping can solve Blade and Soul lag.


So, forget choosing your classes depending on your ping. With Kill Ping you will have the liberty to play almost any class that you desire with reduced Blade and Soul High Ping and lag. So do yourself a favor and solve your high ping problems right now.