How To Get Element Powder in Blade and Soul?

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/26/16 11:02:13 Views: 1552



We need to ran out and get element powder when we upgrade weapons such as true Siren in Blade and Soul. Then how to do? Well, I will introduce some fast ways to get element powder in Blade & Soul as follows:


First, if you run 4 man dungeons, you will find every boss kills drops a purple weapon and once you do 4 man dungeons, you have their upgrade already, during this you can get it for 20 copper and 5 powder for each. Purple weapons are the most cost - efficient. You get like 4 - 6 powders for 3 keys. And you should open some chest to get many keys from dailies. What purple chest should we open? My personal advice, all chest from misty woods dungeons which will bring good return should be opened. In addition, you can try farm e.fleet or nightshade for the cold iron, they will offer weapons for the boss chest and turing those into power. The salvage rate for weapon is twice as low as the accessories salvage rate. The purple items are a guaranteed salvage and give multiple powders. If you have a lot of trash purples from trying to get your weapon, that could be an option. Or just farm them. Keys are dirt cheap anyhow.


Good luck and have a fun traveling. And if you want some cheap blade and soul gold, welcome to our website!