How to Level Up Your Weapon in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/22/16 22:44:10 Views: 1220



To begin with, I'd like to put forward the trouble that I have met before. I want to upgrade my Siren because I have used it for a long time. I have a crap load of element power that I can convert into elements to upgrade it but idk if that is what I should be doing. I need an efficient way to upgrade my weapon and accessories from Siren. And now, I would share some solutions that I use if you have the same problem. Here we go:


The most important thins is element. In blade and soul, you will have a chance to crit them. You may cost about 2g which means 5ss and 50 silver to craft on element. There are 25% chance for you to sell the elder dragon for 4g. Or you can get some silver by selling all your blue weapons. And then you'd better to save up for the element package as you can proc 4 additional gems along with the 3 you get from craft. In about 7 / 8 transmutions I got it to proc 2 times so its not that extremely rare. In addition, have noticed that they give more compared to hold iron ones and at 10s per upgrade better than elements. Blues are a bit cheaper, purple requires soulstones but can potentially gives more boost (higher max XP gain). It's a gamble, but I generally just spend 10s on blues. And I only use it to supplement elements when using a single element would include wasted XP gain. 


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