How to Make Gold in Blade And Soul

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blade and soul gold


There are 5 tips for checking, wish can help you.


1. Many people say that playing BOSS or playing strange yellow make money

Analysis: The new version of BOSS will be prompted before the appearance. So, regardless of where people are playing a lot of BOSS. A total of 10 times to have one that you play on is luck. To rely on BOSS fight to make Blade And Soul gold is basically impossible. Wong strange to play, the scope is not higher than you are 15 you are not below 15. So, to remind you what one can?


2. Using the stock business, silver for gold and then selling materials and call the yellow basket mounted stones and so on

Analysis: Basic and gold prices advanced materials prices were flat. You can make no difference. The sale to open a trumpet call from the yellow basket mounted and precious stones, one hour could typically be 20-30L much richer.


3. Reselling things

Analysis: reselling something is making the income. But also sub-human, there must be sufficient time and capital, but also on the market very well. Indeed, some people do not know the price, good things will be sold very cheap, but such people are few, can not be met every day. So we rely on some tips about the market, such as a monopoly in some books, for speculation.


4. Run business

Analysis: As long as security is like, so there must highly skilled player is organization. 45 minutes will be able to finish three times, earned Blade and Soul Gold, is 12 dollars or so, and I have to work for an hour is pay to the hand.


5. Normal upgrade to fight monsters

Analysis: Take me for instance. Upgrade fast attack with the group, medication is also fast, very little violence, but it is certainly able to recover the cost of drug money. Materials and precious stones are also not among them.

A single attack, upgrade slowly, but the violence many things, one million or more experience in the corresponding 2D. The profit rate and selling call the yellow basket mounted flat stones.