How to maximize FPS in Blade & Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/26/16 23:01:53 Views: 1338

So I've posted a few times here now trying to get my FPS to raise to bearable levels. Well today I've been playing at 60-120fps without many drops and I'll tell you how. You can click here.


First I'd recommend watching this Video if your on Nvidia.



Following that After you launch the game and your at least at the character selection screen go ahead and open your task manager ctrl+alt+del


Now go ahead and set the priority to High, This will enable it to use more of your GPU and Ram to run better.


But that's not all. While your on there go ahead and click set affinity and turn all your CPU's/Processors are enabled for it.


This has helped me sky rocket my fps and I haven't noticed any drops since. Now I'm still newer to PC gaming so you'll have to do this every time you launch the game as I've not figured out how to keep these setting on by default.


I really hope this helps some people out there as I struggled with it for several days.




edit: I also noticed a FPS increase when I full screened the game by pressing alt+enter a few times until the game became full screen. It also helps it look better too!


edit: I'm glad it helped a few people and a few other people helped fill the gaps. Have fun playing everyone!


edit: If you have windows 10 you'll have to choose the details tab in task manager to change the priority and affinity.


If the Nvidia control panel doesn't have the drop down menu, add it manually by searching the applications list. And it should be set by default.