How to Solve Blade and Soul Crashing/Disconnected

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/30/16 03:44:19 Views: 3686

Still can not login the game with crashing, or disconnected from server 2000? After blade and soul maintenance, the most recent hotfix patch notes are now live and solve your crashing at login.




Crashing At Login


If you are using a Chroma Keyboard, running Razer Synapse, or Razer Chroma SDK Core Components software, you will need to modify the ClientConfiguration.xml file.


1. To do this, first navigate to "MyDocuments\BnS\NCWEST"

2. Once in the NCWEST folder you should see the ClientConfiguration

3. Right click the ClientConfiguration file and select Edit

4. After selecting Edit you need to locate the following line <option name='use-chroma-keyboard' value='y'/>

5. Change the value from Y to N and then Save and Close.


You should now be able to fully log into the game client.

Please keep in mind, if you are receiving error 4049 as well, you will need to restart your PC after making these changes before you will be able to login. Official link to check.


A hotfix - 1/27/2016 has been deployed to address the below issues:

Fixed an issue where players are unable to be added to the block list


Official link to know all blade and soul maintenance - 1/27/2016


If you have other problems and errors about Blade & Soul, please check the official Blade and Soul Support or submit a ticket.