Improved Tips for Blade And Soul NA/EU Newbie

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So, the list of 50 tips for newcomers was a complete trainwreck due to 1) - Insanely outdated info, 2) - "Tips" that do not apply to NA/EU at all, 3) - Absolutely atrocious and horrendous grammar in places, and 4) - Insanely common knowledge and pointless "Tips" such as "Lower your graphics settings if you get slowdown". 


Here is my updated/revamped/categorized list of that same list but with all outdated info removed or updated to match NA/EU, all grammar fixed as best as I could (I had to completely rewrite a lot of it), removed all the completely useless tips such as the aforementioned graphic "Tip", and added a few of my own that were mysteriously missing in the original.


General Advice:


If you find a place is too crowded when you are farming anything (be it a certain enemy, node, anything), you should switch your channel to a less crowded one. 


When logging in, VIP members will have priority in queuing. 


One of the highlights of Blade and Soul is the storyline. You will regret it if you skip the story cutscenes. 


There are two factions: Cerulean and Crimson (Wulin and Huntian in the Asian regions), but you are never forced to PvP the other faction.


There are special PvP outfits/doboks that enable open-world PvP with the other faction, but they are never truly required to wear.


Faction levels go inverted, from 10 at the lowest to the max of 1.


The Arena PvP and Auction House are cross-server.


The Arena PvP is designed to truly be balanced. Most of your PvE stats will have no effect on it.


Press CTRL-F to hide ALL other players. This is useful especially if your computer struggles to run the game.


Inventory Tips:


The 2nd tab in the Bank (Closet) is cheaper to expand than the main tab, and can still hold everything besides Character-Bound stuff and Weapon Boxes.


Unsealing Talismans are used to basically appraise weapons of unknown stats.


Unsealing Talismans are incredibly overpriced at merchants. You get them normally from decent odds after clearing a equal level dungeon. TW/CN/JP/KR also have a "Survey" system that rewards them frequently at low levels. It is unknown if NA/EU will get that Survey system, but since all the other versions have it, I'd say the odds are high.


If you have obtained some weird item with a colored named, do not throw away, it will likely be useful later. 


If you use a Shiny Key to open a chest, you will always get a weapon for your own class.


Weapon > Bopae > Accessory is the order of most to least useful stat giving items. Keep that in mind when looking at prices.


Almost every weapon obtained can be used as feed for leveling any other weapon. Dropped ones, Quested ones, Bought ones, etc. I'm not saying it's always the best idea (depends on the fee), but it's something to at least check on.


You must be wearing clothes or else Bopaes will not have any effect. 


The essence obtained from deconstructing bopae can be used to upgrade other bopae.


Breaking a gem might give you a crystal, however a gem with a high grade or above will always give you a crystal. Crystals can be used to convert your gems into other types. 


Soul Stone is a item that you will need later; you can obtain it from a faction quest or pvp.


Looking at prices of Bopae? The most useful bopae's are bid on in dungeons, and the only prices you will be looking at are for certain bopae's that you use to upgrade bopae's you receive in dungeons.


Combat Tips:


Assassins and Kungfu Masters are the more challenging classes for new players.


You will automatically accept special quest upon entering an instance with boss. Do not forget to claim the reward (might contain weapon or accessory) when you have finished the dungeon. 


There are 2 modes of grouping: 4 man and 6 man. 6-man rewards accessories and Bopae with a low chance of getting weapons, 4-man rewards weapons and blade & soul gold along with most of the rare mats (legendaries,etc..) associated with the dungeon, and sometimes weapons.


When your party member attacks with a disabling effect, the enemy will show an aura of a specific color, depending on the type of the effect. If you have a skill with similar disabling effect, use it immediately to disable the enemy through Combination Strike. If you think that your hand might not be fast enough, just press "Space Bar" to automatically use the correct skill.


Exploration Tips:


You can repair your weapon yourself near a campfire or a Dragon Pillar. It is free from using a Rapair Hammer, where as using the service of weapon merchant in town is pricey.


Emergency Repair Hammers can repair weapons even while in combat.


The color of the portal to dungeon shows the difficulty of the dungeon from easiest to hardest: white/gray, green, blue, purple.


UI/Interface Tips:


Unlike most MMO's, the mouse is always bound to the direction your character faces. Simply hold ALT to make your mouse appear; or press ESC. This is explained early in the game, but as it's a 20+ GB game, anyone still downloading it might like knowing this too.


Press F5 to open auction house if you aren't in a place with a Broker NPC. You won't be able to sell anything this way, but you can buy. 


Shift+F1 allows you to shift the UI according to your liking. You can also press Escape then UI Manager. 


Press F3 to access the Costume Preview function, which lets you preview all doboks and accesories in the game on your own character, as well as indicates where said item is found.


Ctrl + X = hide UI.


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