Introduction about the Transmutation in Blade and Soul

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Transmutation is a special ability in Blade and Soul. It allows players to use components received by salvaging high quality weapons, accessories, costumes, and gems to improve or creat items [Blade and Soul Gold is a very important resource. You need it for many different portions of the game.]. Choosing whether to sell an item to a vendor, place it on the Auction House, or salvage it for Transmutation components can sometimes be a difficult decision.




Transmutation is not same from treasure in a great number of methods. It is a separate method that allows you to utilize components by salvaging extras high quality guns which you have obtained accessories boost. Or to generate objects. Just put it on the market house if you'd like to offer your merchandise to your merchant. But Transmutation factors can sometime be considered a very difficult decision. Use Transmutation to mix different types of materials to create pouches which have diamond pieces and arbitrary advantages that'11 create jewel chests which have arbitrary gems. A jewel that has multiple elements can be utilized to produce top quality edition.


Moreover you can find unique things that have to be put together to create function awards. Since there are dishes that have high possibilities of declining you must be cautious and can perhaps destroy your components. 


The fusing and salvaging of the soul guard parts can be an important procedure though it isn't specifically linked to Transmutation. If you are salvaging soul guard you obtain the blend powder part. You will even not be unable to combine soul portions together in a separate soul shield UI.


It could simply be mined if you are fusing one - piece to another and something of its attributes is likely to be transferred to the guard that was for the new soul. You are able to modify your strength by saving all the items that need isn't by you and by fusing the others together.