Learn More about the Lair of the Frozen Fang in Blade and Soul

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There exists three heroic dungeons in Blade and Soul's new released Silverfrost Mountains. And the Lair of the Frozen Fang is one of them. The new coming Silverfrost Mountains is a big update of new capital and a total of eight dungeons for players. These three dungeons have since been profiled on the official sites.


Lair of the Frozen Fang can take players to fight demonic snakes, mini yetis and the Bladescale Naga King and Tetralisk Queen. And in this article, I'd like to share you the fast way to farm blade and soul Lair of the Frozen Fang.


It is truth that the Lair of the Frozen Fang was divided into 4 Men Mode like follows:


First Mode

In the First Mode, the boss Godem the Fist in the west side of room, it will summon lots of mobs. To use the guns on the corner of room, you can quickly eliminate mobs. The Boss Jarakhan in the east side of room, to kill it is easy. 


Second Mode

There are lots of mobs when you enter into this room. After clear mobs, Boss (Court Lady Sa) will come out. It is easy to defeat boss. 


Third Mode

To take on the Boss ChuChu in third mode, a large winged boss that will summon miniature yetis while you attempt to defeat him. When ChuChu's HP decreased by 55%, he will summon Bladescale Totems, then keep on jumping. If ChuChu jump to break totems, he can't jump anymore. Therefore, we need stand next to Totem, and the skill of ChuChu will create 3500 damage each time, you can't block it.


Fourth Mode

Boss Bladescale Naga King and Tetralisk Queen would appear.


Bladescale Naga King Skill

Skill 1: Create 1 W damage and know down

Skill 2: Each time create 2700 damage and beat back. You can block it.

Skill 3: To create a poison circle, it effect sustained 700 damage.

Skill 4: Boss summon Totems, you need kill totems first.


Tetralisk Queen Skill

1. Cut downwards: it will cause 10,000 damage.

2. Rotating attack: it will cause 2700 damage each time with repelling effect, which can be blocked.

3. Spray poison: there will be a poisonous circle on the ground. The players in the circle will receive sustained damage.

4. The boss will summon totem which should be killed first.