Lost Ark: How to determine the value of items?

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In a very unique and complex MMORPG game, there are many game items for all kinds of people. In Lost Ark, the same is true. When players aren't sure about an item's value, it's common to discard potentially valuable items because the player doesn't think the item doesn't seem helpful to them. This will often lose a lot of valuable Lost Ark Items, so this article will share how to determine the value of items in the Lost Ark game, so that players do not miss the value they need.

Lost Ark: How to determine the value of items?


Players frequently discard items that could be potentially worth a lot of money because it seems like the item isn't helpful to them. However, items can be potentially worth a lot of Lost Ark Gold when sold to someone else who might need it! Commonly, good equipment gets dismantled when turned over for a high profit.


Accessories tend to be much more expensive than gear simply because the Peon cost is much higher, and good ones are far rarer than what it usually takes to obtain a piece of gear.


You can find Peons in the cash shop under the utility section. As they cost Blue Crystals, you can convert your Gold into them. Based on the cost of Gold to Blue Crystals on your server, this can influence the cost of gear on the broker.


While I can't speak for things worth a lot in each server, I can provide a shortlist of some things to look out for when inspecting your accessories before you dismantle them to potentially curate for yourself if it might be worth it selling.



Lost Ark: Weapons & Armors

The items you craft from raids are initially worth a lot of money and will eventually drop in price over time, so selling early is the right move. Craft the item and list it, and someone will surely buy it. Once the market becomes saturated with these items, it will become more challenging to sell them.

Quality once again plays a part here, but mainly in weapons. Weapons with high quality (when the bar is blue or purple) will be much more appealing to buy since they have more longevity as a ‘final' item that players don't need to upgrade out of. Armor quality doesn't matter as much.


The 'meta' set will sell far more than any other set when it comes to sets. For example, Doomsday items in T2 upper Relic will be worth much more than the different sets. In some cases, though, for example, when a new Abyss Raid is introduced (e.g., Argos), the crappy set can sell well, too, simply because it serves as a way for people to jump their gear score sooner to challenge higher content.


Lastly, sometimes players will buy weapons and armor simply because they have an ideal tripod. Say you're playing a class, and you obtain a T2 Relic upper gear with +4 of a tripod for the Find Weakness tripod on an important damage skill (increased damage to enemies immune to stiffness). People may want to buy that for a chance to transfer that tripod to their gear! Even at the risk of failure and losing the item. Personally, this is one of my biggest moneymakers.


Especially keep in mind the popularity of classes and the newness of classes. When a new class is released, its equipment will always be more expensive because there will be an influx of players raising them, and the amount of equipment on their auction board will be scant.


Knowing this, if you are savvy with your materials and your Chaos Dungeon drops, you can quickly profit.


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Lost Ark: Accessory Stats & Stat Combinations:



  • Specialization
  • Crit
  • Swiftness
  • Crit + Specialization (Necklace)
  • Crit + Swiftness (Necklace)
  • Specialization + Swiftness (Necklace)



Lost Ark: Accessory Engravings

While it is possible to sell accessories that have a great stat like Specialization with a high quality that may have no good engravings (to someone desperate and who has no idea what they're doing), what drives sales on these is what engravings they have on them.

Since engravings are the driving force behind most of your damage, selling accessories with ideal engravings can easily earn you a ton of money. But there are some considerations to be made here. They are the following:

  • What engravings are they?
  • How many engraving points do they provide?
  • What is the malus?
  • How many engraving points is the malus?


A perfect combination would be two ideal engravings that provide +3 of each and have a malus that's easy to work with (anything that isn't Attack Power Decrease) and only +1 point on the malus.

Fortunately, since Relic items are guaranteed +3 on the positive engravings, it's straightforward to work with. However, for regions whose gearing is currently legendary, the engravings range from +2-3. Accessories that provide +3 are significantly more valuable than those that provide +2. This is just a matter of it being easier to optimize high engraving combinations. If you want a chance at a quad engraving setup, +3 accessories are mandatory, not optional.


Here are engravings that tend to add more value to an accessory:

  • Class Engraving
  • Grudge
  • Awakening (Support + Dominant Fang users)
  • Raid Commander
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Super Charge
  • Heavy Armor (Support)
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Ambush Master
  • Master Brawler
  • Barricade
  • Cursed Doll
  • Fast Speed
  • Master of Strike
  • Specialist


The value of some of these shifts depends on the current meta. For example, only a couple of classes can use Awakening as a DPS early on, but in T3 content, many classes use it due to one of the set bonuses.


Use your best judgment on combinations. While two engravings may be valuable in general, they may not be worth a whole lot if no one wants that specific combination when put together on an accessory. Since the class itself can only drop class engravings, they tend to be much rarer, but because of that, they're often precious. That makes, for example, an accessory that has Berserker's Killer Move +5 on it very expensive, more so if it's combined with something like Grudge or Super Charge.


Note that depending on the progress of your region, some engravings may be worth more or less. A big reason for this is because in some areas, reaching quad max engravings is possible, while in others, it isn't. Some engravings are lower priority, and as such, may be less desirable if classes can't optimize them into their setup. For example, players will pretty much always take Grudge over Backstabbing Master. Still, when they need a third or fourth engraving, Backstabbing Master might be the best option for optimizing their damage.


Now that you know all of this, you need to piece it all together. Does it have a good stat (Specialization, Crit)? Does it have decent quality? What engravings are on it? If you can gauge these three things together, you can easily find if you can make a profit on the item or not. And if you're sure it's a good item but not sure of the exact value? Put it up for a low bid and a high buyout. People will bid on it if they think it's good, especially in the last hour of it being up.


My last tip on this is if you're going to list something for auction, I strongly recommend that you set it so that the auction ends during peak gaming hours in your region when most eyes will be on it. If an auction is going to end at 5 AM server time, that will decrease the odds that competitive bidders will bid on it.



Lost Ark: Ability Stones

This pretty much follows the same rules as accessories. Two engravings that make sense together and a malus that ideally isn't Attack Power Decrease.

Ability Stones tend to be cheaper because their Peon cost is much lower, and it's a gamble to buy them. Since Ability Stones cannot be sold pre-forged, players buy them with the risk that they'll botch the stone, and it'll be not very important. Still, people do purchase Ability Stones with good engraving combinations.


Reference the good engravings in the previous section for an idea of some good engravings to look out for here. Note that you cannot get class engravings on an Ability Stone.



Lost Ark: Jewels

Since you can use another class' jewel simply by re-rolling it at the NPC for Silver or combining them to a higher level jewel (this guarantees a jewel for your class too), the only thing that matters is the level of the jewel and the lowest price it's currently going for.

Since alts can drop unbound jewels from Chaos Dungeon and Boss Rush, this can be an excellent source of Gold if you aren't using them yourself.


Damage jewels sharply increase at level 10, whereas cooldown gems do not. As a result, level 10 cooldown jewels are worth significantly less than level 10 damage jewels. This is final because you cannot change from a cooldown jewel to a damaged one.


This is why you may see a level 10 cooldown jewel be worthless or similar to a level 9 damage or cooldown jewel. This is simply because the level 9 ones can still be gambled into a level 10 damage jewel.