Lost Ark: Knowledge Transfer Guide

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Here's how to use the knowledge transfer mechanic in Lost Ark.

How To Improve Your Alto Through Knowledge Transfer



What is knowledge transfer in Lost Ark? It's simple - you pay in Lost Ark gold to level up an alternate character in the game, sending them directly to the endgame so you can start leveling endgame content with it.

Knowledge Transfer is effortless to use. Use is technically different from the two free Power Passes you get just by playing the game. Here's how to access Knowledge Transfer and how to use it.



How to use knowledge transfer in Lost Ark

The Knowledge Transfer Machine is available in your Citadel. The only requirements:


  • Fortress level 5 (simple, that's where you start)
  • Complete all quests in North Verne (Awakening, Power Pass, etc.)
  • Return to your Fortress and pick up the quest "Nothing is impossible for Sykins" from Athelin
  • Talk to the robot on your island, located on the west side of your island, next to the lab.
  • You need 600 gold to level up your alto to North Vern character level, or 2400 gold if you have completed Punica


It is so simple.

However, there are some restrictions. Knowledge transfer is only available for a class that has been leveled to level 50 (end of the main storyline), which means that you get three primary and two alternate classes that you can level up to level 50 with Power Passes. In total, knowledge transfer is available nine times.



How to Boost Your Alt with Knowledge Transfer

So, to level up your alt to level 50, you need to bring this particular class to your Citadel. This means that you need to jump on the viola, complete quests to get notes at the start of the game and take your alter to the knowledge transfer zone on your Stronghold island.


Pay 600 Gold

The process takes eight hours.

Log into your character again after eight hours, open the knowledge transfer screen, and you'll get your character level up to 50.

All main storylines have been completed for Vern and Shushir, but all side quests are still available if you want more engravings and other rewards.


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