Madden NFL 18 - The Football Simulation In The Test

bladesoulgold Date: Sep/08/17 11:07:30 Views: 1355

Although football in America is a sport in itself and in the last few years the fascination has increased, we are content with a rather small fan base. Similar to the Electronic Arts "Madden NFL 18". The series is a basic pillar in the company's history and is one of the most important sporting games internationally, alongside the "FIFA" series. That is why we have set out to win the virtual Super Bowl.




This is the year to play Longshot, Madden's first-ever story mode.


This is the year to play Madden Ultimate Team with friends in MUT Squads. 


This is the year where the spectacle of the NFL comes to life. All powered by Frostbite.


This is the year. Kickoff 2017 is here. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of cheap mut 18 coins for sale online.