More Pretty Hair Styles are Welcomed

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/09/16 00:47:44 Views: 1168

Will we have more hair style(wigs) available in hongmoon shop?




- Definitely need more hairstyles, I think they already said they will be bringing more western hairstyles to the game come release but it'd definitely be nice to have more asian styles as well like from the other versions.


- Just be patient, we're gonna get a few new hairstyles at launch, the Korean dev team already promised it. Same with new colors, and the styles and colors they've sneak-peaked us aren't the best because they're just slowly building hype, if they rushed and showed us all an awesome hairstyle in red, people would be doing backflips and probably not care about many other new styles/colors, but by showing little "meh" ones, they get peoples' attentions and gain some followers/people who will be checking their twitter more often in hopes of seeing new content.


- A HUGE ISSUE i see with bns is the really really stupid idea of race specific hair. There are SO MANY hairstyles exclusive to certain races that would look amazing on other races.... Why not simply make ALL THE DEFAULT HAIR available to ALL the classes? More options = good ncsoft.


Also why are the wigs different depending on what class wears it..? this has to be the dumbest thing i have ever seen. There is a certain wig that when worn on female jin, gives you a ponytail of elegance, when worn by female lyn however its a really dumb looking wig... Why not simply make ALL of those different hairstyles their own wig? its so simple... they are  making the wig different based on what race wears it when they could just simply make each style its own unique wig so if i want a elegant ponytail with bangs on gon, i can have it. if i want it on kun? i can have it.