My (FPS) Performance Issues Fixed [NVIDIA]

bladesoulgold Date: Nov/26/15 23:00:34 Views: 1603

I had bad performance when I first ran Blade & Sould and it was because it was not configured properly by my Nvidia card. So i went through the following steps and went from 20 to 60 fps. I thought i'd share this because I see many people having some performance issues while they shouldnt have and this might help you aswell.




Open your Nvidia control panel.


1: Go to Manage 3D Settings


2: Click Add


3: Add Blade & Soul (You must have opened blade and soul atleast once for it to show up)


4: Select High Performance Nvidia Processor from the list


Apply your settings and your finished :) You should have a significant boost too your performance in the game.


Hope I helped.


Edit: This often fixes performance issues for games just released or in beta..


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