New Player Tips: Traps to Avoid

bladesoulgold Date: Jan/22/16 00:39:44 Views: 1126

Let's all compile a list of things that new players should be really careful of.


1. Don't use keys or charms on the stalker jiangshi prize chests. Just go to the marketplace and buy the relevant stalker weapon for a few copper instead. Don't farm the boss prize chest at all until later, honestly.


Keys and charms are worth several times more than the weapon/items you're getting from unsealing them. If you want these items, better to sell a single key and get enough money to buy every single stalker weapon + every single stalker soul shield than to use a dozen or so until you get exactly what you want. This applies for later bosses, too.


It isn't until much later in the game that the things you get from these bosses start being worth more than the keys/charms you're opening them with.


2. In Jadestone village, there is a viridian stone vendor that sells Hongmoon items. Don't buy any of them, even if you don't have them yet. You get them all by following the main storyline, anyway. And if you buy an extra one, you'll have an extra hongmoon item stuck in your inventory forever, since there's currently no way to sell or salvage it. There's actually a lot of stuff that you can't get rid of for some reason. Stupid practice citrine bothering the shit outta me.


3. If you like PVP, be careful where you wear that faction uniform. I've seen at least 3-4 different people camping windstride points/towns with overupgraded weapons and a 2-3 level advantage (this means they've unlocked more skills, too), looking for easy kills. Fighting is fine normally when you're grinding out in random open world areas (its usually 1v1 and roughly even levels), but when people are looking for fights in populated areas its usually because they have an advantage and are not afraid of getting ganked.