New Update In POE: There Will Be Lots Of Creatures To Hunt

bladesoulgold Date: Feb/26/18 16:51:00 Views: 1601

In March, the Bestiary update for Path of Exile, to which the league owes its name, is released. After 2017, with Fall of Oriath a huge expansion with six new story files, this year is followed by a new league that makes you a monster hunter. The rarer and stronger the monsters are, the better items you can make. In March, the package can be downloaded for PC. Xbox One players have to wait another week longer. Gamers are easy to buy exalted orbs from ours website. 



The developers of Grinding Gear Games have released several expansions that significantly increase game content by adding new dungeons to explore and monsters to fight. Along with new areas and monsters for battle, the Bestiary update will also feature a series of updates and adjustments that include new gems, skills and improvements to Ascendancy classes.


In the new update, there will be lots of creatures to hunt, and all of them will be recorded in a book with reviews of all these monsters from the world of Wraeclast. Keep in mind that the dark world of Path of Exile will expand in March with new objects and challenges framed in the Bestiary League, a series of new challenges with which the hunter and scavenger Einhar Frey will teach us to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts with the ultimate goal of make powerful items.


The update 3.2.0 will introduce important changes to the Action / RPG Path of Exile for all classes of Ascension. So the developers have prepared for you a video showing the upcoming details, see more at here. Here we can show the captured Legendary Beasts to our friends, as well as interact with different characters. The date marked for the premiere will be March 2.