Ogong's Folly Guide in Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains

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One of the five expert dungeons, The Ogong's Folly is located in Silverfrost Mountains - Primeval Frost. And you can get access to the dungeon via Dungeon Lobby.The dungeon's last boss is Ape King Ogong that can recover health fast and has high defense. The boss does not change skills a lot and does not summon mobs. 


When you enter the dungeon, you will find two NPCs fighting against the mobs. After the mobs are killed, you can move on following the NPC until you see the first small boss which is easy to deal with. You can grab the boss or knock it down. When the health points drop to 80%, the door on the left will open. When the health points drop to 40%, the door on the right will open. After the small boss dies, the door in the middle will open. The two batches of mobs have three remote and three melee ones. The mobs in the boss' room will be killed together. 


You will later meet boss Ape King Ogong. The attacks include hitting the floor and strike. The main tank is supposed to hold aggro while the remote fighter release DPS output towards the boss. 


Last Boss Ape King Ogong's Skills

1. Swing can cause 4500 damage, which can be blocked. 

2. Swing downwards can cause 5000 damage and known the target down. The attack can be blocked. 

3. Lightning can cause 4000 damage and dizziness. It cannot be blocked, but you can use QESS to dodge. 

4. Stab can cause 3000 damage and repel, which can be blocked. 

5. Hack can cause 4000 and dizziness which can be blocked.